CPAP use during COVID 19 pandemic


The COVID19 virus is mainly spread from the aerolisation of respiratory droplets from patients that are infected, therefore it is a highly contagious virus. It is a difficult time and many long term and short term CPAP users may have questions regarding the device use and the current state of the pandemic. We have tried to address questions regarding the machine and its use to clarify all aspects for you as our valued patient.

CPAP use and the risk of CoVID-19

There is no evidence that supports that long term use of CPAP machines posing an increased risk of upper or lower respiratory tract infections in users. If you are not suspected to have COVID-19 and have not been tested positive to COVIV-19 you are able to continue the use of your CPAP machine as per normal.

If I have symptoms of coronavirus should I continue to use my CPAP?

If you have had exposure, have symptoms of  CoVID-19 or have proven CoVID-19 you should isolate yourself in a bedroom and try and use a separate bathroom –you can continue to use CPAP while you sleep alone. However, there is a potential risk of infecting others who are in the same room as you.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID19 which can include fevers, aches and pains, shortness of breath, sore throat and a cough you should try and isolate yourself to one bedroom in your house. If you are able to have a room for isolation where you sleep alone, you can continue the use of your CPAP machine here, however if you choose to use the CPAP around others sleeping in the same room as you, there is a potential risk of infecting others in that room.

Aerolisation of upper airway secretions by the CPAP may lead to viral spread of CoVID-19 which is likely to occur through the exhalation port of the mask.

Disposable Exhalation Port | Respironics Oxygen Concentrators
Mask Exhalation port

During this pandemic we strongly advise you to maintain best hygiene to prevent co-infection within your house hold.

Should I ask my Doctor to continue or discontinue the use of my CPAP?

Before continuing or discontinuing use of your CPAP machine you should seek professional advice from your treating respiratory or sleep physician. This is important because the physician can do a risk/benefit assessment individualised for the patient and base their clinical decision on a variety of components regarding the health of the patient and outcomes.

If I have the CoVID-19 how should I clean and disinfect my CPAP mask and tube?

During this time is it imperative to adhere to the manufacturer guidelines to clean  your mask. Please see the links below based on which machine you have.

Philips: CPAP Hygiene                                                           ResMed: CPAP Hygiene

 If you have any further questions regarding CPAP therapy or any other respiratory therapy please email us on and our sleep physician will reply promptly.

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