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Making an Appointment

To get a specialist consultation you need a referral from your GP or other specialist. This can be faxed, sent electronically or be brought in with you on the day. You may be asked to fill in a questionnaire prior to your appoinmtent in relation to your specific complaint. To make an appointment please call 07 3193 5402.

Our specialists do their best to see you on time. However some cases take longer than anticipated. Our staff will try to call you to forewarn you if the specialist is running behind schedule.

  • Waiting Times

    We aim to keep our waiting times as short as possible. Urgent appointments are usually arranged directly by your referring doctor and are seen as quickly as possible.

  • Appointment Times

    Currently appointments are available from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Tuesday to Thursday. If you cannot make it between these times, we may still be able to accommodate you, but you need to discuss with the staff.

  • Fees

    Our practice is a private practice and as such, charges a fee which medicare rebates do not fully cover. This means patients will incur, after processing of available rebates, an out of pocket fee. Medicare does not, unfortunately, fully cover the cost of delivering high quality specialist services. Fees charged enable us to give each patient quality time. Consultation fees therefore vary depending on the time required and the complexity of the problem. Full information about estimated fees are provided when you book your appointment.

    If requested by your referrer we bulk bill those suffering financial hardship. Please discuss this with your referring doctor.

Book Appointment

Please use this form to initiate an appointment booking. It is very helpful if you are able to provide an image (eg photo taken with your phone) of your referral to ensure we make the most appropriate appointment for you.

Your appointment will only be confirmed once you have been contacted in person by our staff to finalise appointment and preparation details. Once your appointment is organised you will also be sent an email confirming details and you should check junk email folder to ensure you receive it. Emails sent to you about your appointment contain important information.

Please note that information submitted via this form is submitted via a website with a security certificate in place. However, if you are concerned regarding personal information or security please do not hesitate to contact us via phone either as well as or instead of.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How long will I be there?

    New patients will be asked to come 15-45 minutes before their appointment time to fill in questionnaires and get a breathing test. A new patient consultation may take half an hour to an hour for more complex cases.

  • Follow up and tests

    Tests are usually organised for you by the administration staff, and a follow up consultation is arranged to discuss results, and assess the effect of treatment. Follow up consultations vary but usually take 15-30 minutes. We always make the effort to allocate enough time at the time of booking.

    Please note that emergency hospital attendance or appointment can create some minor delays however every effort is made to run on time.

  • Payment

    You are required to pay the whole fee at the end of the consultation.  We then put your claim through to Medicare and you will usually get the Medicare reimbursement in your bank account the next business day.