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Sleep Specialists and Sleep Studies in Brisbane

Do You Have Sleep Apnoea? (Take the on line test)

Home sleep studies are a way to determine if patients suffer from sleep apnoea. If you are snoring during the night and remaining tired throughout the day, there is a chance you may be suffering from sleep apnoea.

Our sleep physicians are on hand to effectively interpret the results of your study and determine if you have a sleep condition. If you are found to have a sleep-related condition, they can then illustrate the ways in which your specific condition can be remedied.

Home sleep studies

Home sleep studies are used for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea. They are an alternative to a conventional sleep study done in a sleep lab, and are preferred by most patients as the monitoring is done in the comfort of their own home. You will be set up with monitoring equipment in our centre, then go back home to sleep with the monitoring equipment attached.

The equipment then needs to be returned to the centre the next morning.  The data is then analysed and you will have an appointment with your sleep specialist to discuss the result. In lab sleep studies are currently being performed through Sleep Care with locations at Greenslopes Private Hospital, Sunnybank Private Hospital and St. Andrews Sleep Centre (bulk billed).

Want to learn more about sleep studies?

If you think you would benefit from one of our home sleep studies, or are experiencing other respiratory problems, you can ask your GP to fill in one of our referral forms. To book an appointment, or to ask any questions, contact us by sending your message through our online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call us on 07 3193 5412 and speak to one of our friendly staff.