• Redlands Specialist Centre

    Redlands Specialist centre is a new and modern multi-disciplinary specialist centre located in the Bayside business park opposite the Redlands Mater hospital in Cleveland

Practice Management

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Why Use Our Brisbane Medical Practice Management Services?

Your practice, your company

Running your practice with us will feel very much like having your rooms.

You run your practice the way you want to. This contrasts to joining a group practice, where you might not have as much say on how you run your practice, and which referrals are passed on to you.

Time saving

When you run your own practice, no matter how well you set up, and how efficiently on your practice runs, you will spend a significant amount of time running it and troubleshooting. Using a medical /surgical practice management company will free you up when you are not seeing patients, and this has a positive impact on your work life balance.

Worry free

When you leave your practice management to us, you do not have the usual headaches of running your practice, e.g. hiring and firing, staff litigation, work cover issues, conflict resolution, etc. All you have to worry about is your patients.

Cost effective

The biggest advantage of using a practice management company is cost saving, compared to running your practice. Many specialists have the dream of having a practice, and this is partly because of the impression that they will be pocketing more of their billings. In fact, quite the contrary is true. Setting up and running your own practice, is a costly exercise. Costs include but are not limited to:

  • Practice set up costs
  • Wages and costs of employment
  • IT and software
  • Unexpected costs eg. Staff leaving, recruitment and retraining, computer breakdown, legal expenses


In contrast when you use Redlands Specialist Centre practice management services:

  • No setup costs
  • No unexpected costs
  • Running costs work out cheaper


Location of rooms

While you do not have to use our rooms, to use practice management services, the location of our rooms provides an excellent base to grow your practice. Specialist care is becoming more decentralised as patients do not like travelling into the city, and specialists are willing to travel more to establish a referral base. There is a growing trend, seeing the rise of small peripheral hospitals, and treatment centres, that bring care to the community. The advantages of having a practice based at Redlands include:

  • Demographics: Older community, over 40 nursing homes and retirement village, over 90 GP practices
  • Easy parking
  • Only few specialists – lots of specialties not represented
  • Easier to establish a referral base compared to a large private hospital
  • Can be used as feeding ground for other locations, whether or not facilities for your specialty exist at Redlands


Practice-related Fees

There are no upfront costs. Fees are based on a percentage of earnings. As every specialist needs are different there isn’t one set rate. However, our rates are very competitive.

Your individual needs will be discussed at the initial consultation session.

Please call us on 07 3193 5496 to organise a meeting.