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Private Practice Secretarial Services in Brisbane

Having private secretarial services organised for your specialist practice is an excellent way to be provided with a secretary who has excellent knowledge of the medical industry. This ensures that industry-specific terms and situations can be addressed with ease, and will not require you to step in. Having this kind of service is invaluable for many reasons – not needing to allocate time to find a receptionist experienced in the medical field allows you more time to establish your practice.

The secretaries provided by Redlands Specialist Centre manage the administrational aspects of your practice, including appointment scheduling and rescheduling, computers, phone answering, answering general enquiries, and patient management. With these little things managed, you’ll be able to better dedicate yourself fully to your patients and offer them the best service possible.

Comprehensive private practice management

In addition to our medical secretary services, our Specialist Centre also provides a range of options to further simplify the management of your patients. With private practice management, we manage the day-to-day operations of an office so that you can dedicate yourself entirely to helping those in need. We also offer modern offices that are up-to date and very well equipped so that your practice always contains what you and your patients need.

Ready to benefit from our secretarial services?

If the idea of having a private practice secretarial service provided for your practice is appealing, make sure to get in touch with us today. We can clarify any questions you might have about this service, and can help better demonstrate how your particular circumstances would benefit from secretary services.

You can contact us by sending your message through to our online enquiry form or by ringing us on 07 3193 5496 and speaking directly to one of our friendly staff.