• Redlands Specialist Centre

    Redlands Specialist centre is a new and modern multi-disciplinary specialist centre located in the Bayside business park opposite the Redlands Mater hospital in Cleveland

Private Practice Setup

Expert help

Private practice set up can be very daunting for the new specialist, who often does not have the knowledge or skill set that it takes to set up a private practice. Private practice set up has to be done right. If not done properly, it can lead to significant loss of income, and Medicare/ Healthfund issues down the track.

Our practice manager has set up numerous specialist practices, and you can rest assured that everything will be in order the day you start practising. Our practice manager will assist you with all the necessary paperwork, and advise you of timelines and pitfalls.

Redlands specialist Centre office a seamless, risk-free transition into private practice. We take care of all the necessary steps to have you practising in no time.

Infrastructure provided

We provide modern  well-equipped rooms, with IT hardware and software. The rooms are very spacious, with room to store specialised medical equipment.


We do not charge a fee for practice set up. As our fees are calculated as a percentage of earnings, we only get paid when you start getting paid. We believe that using managed specialist rooms, is the most cost effective way to start up in private practice.