• Redlands Specialist Centre

    Redlands Specialist centre is a new and modern multi-disciplinary specialist centre located in the Bayside business park opposite the Redlands Mater hospital in Cleveland

A Specialist Centre Assisting Specialists and Patients Alike

Redlands Specialist Centre provide a suite of services to ensure both specialists and patients are afforded the best care possible.

Services for specialists

Redlands Specialist Centre offer a wide range of services to specialists. These include sessional suites, specialist rooms with complete practice management (including private practice start up), secretarial services, as well as virtual practice management.

Our model makes it simple for specialists wishing to start up in private practice or wanting to expand their existing practice. Our specialist suites are fitted to the highest standards and our team will make sure your patients will have a consistently positive experience while receiving care.

Current private practice opportunities

Based on growing demand in specialties that are currently underserviced in the Redlands, we have identified the need for the following specialists in the area:

1. Respiratory and sleep specialist

2. Rheumatologist

3. Infectious disease specialist

4. Psychiatrist

5. Haematologist

We are also actively looking for the following specialties to integrate with current multidisciplinary groups

1. Cardiothoracic surgeon.

2. Gastroenterologist.

If you are in one of the above specialties, and are interested in expanding your practice in the Redlands area, we are confident that we can help grow your practice very quickly. Redlands Specialists Centre works in collaboration with private hospitals. Our specialists have admitting rights in several private hospitals, the closest of which being Mater Private Hospital Redlands, Sunnybank Hospital, and Greenslopes Private Hospital.

If you have any questions about practice management or practice setup, contact us to find out how we can make your transition into private practice as simple as possible.

Services for patients

Redlands Specialist Centre is a multidisciplinary specialist centre located in the Bayside Cleveland, across the road from Mater Private Hospital Redlands and Redlands Public Hospital. Our aim at Redlands Specialist Centre is to provide patients in the Bayside area and beyond with quality, easily accessible, specialist care. We aim to provide timely patient care, and believe in empowering patients with knowledge so that they can be actively involved in decisions about their health.

Redlands Specialist Centre houses both visiting specialists and specialists that are based primarily in the Redlands. These include respiratory and sleep specialists, general physicians, neurologist, cardiologist, medical oncologist, nephrologist, endocrinologist, general surgeons, breast and melanoma surgeon, bariatric surgeon, upper gastrointestinal surgeon, sleep dentist, and allied health (including dietitian).

Multidisciplinary specialist groups

At Redland Specialists Centre, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, and ensure excellent communication pathways between members of the health care team.

Our multidisciplinary groups serve to bring specialists together and facilitate discussions between these specialists in the interest of patient-centred care. They also facilitate quick and effective transition of care in cases where various specialists must be involved at various stages of patient care. Our multidisciplinary groups include:

- Collaborative oncology group (COG)

- Respiratory and sleep group

What's new?


Dr. Kashif Nadeem

Sleep and Respiratory Physician joins Redlands Specialist Centre.


Practice Manager

Congratulations to our Practice Manager Tina Cutri on being named as a finalist for the AAPM Practice Manager of the Year award to be announced on 25th August 2017.


Dr.Nabeel Sheikh

Now performing Nerve Conduction Studies at Redlands Specialist Centre.